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Tamed by spectacle - the opaqueness of image by JUHEON CHO by JUHEON CHO

01st December 2016 to 18th December 2016

The Muse Gallery proudly presents

Tamed by spectacle - the opaqueness of image


Opening Night 01.12.2016, 6.30-9.00pm

1.12 - 18.12.2016

Mass Media has become a type of collage. Too many channels have surfaced and people tend to build their own mental collage that leads them through numerous other channels of

thought. The Image-flooded metropolitan areas are filled with spectacles and has raised up the general populations expectations to its maximum. The magnificence, lavish colours, the provocative narratives in the commercials, the news photos in the streets and online always present to us with shocking images with more stimulus than ever before. Therefore the public lives in an oblivion built around them that lures them into the world inside the shiny neon lights and images in the TV and away from the reality they actually live in. Under such circumstances it seems that the general population are in pursuit of their own visual desires rather than leading a life.

The Show ‘Tamed by spectacle - the opaqueness of image’ invites us to think

about how the spectacle of visual images from mass media, internet and tabloid etc. could separates us from the real contents and disturb people enough to no longer empathise with the pain of others.

In this exhibition, the artist is especially focused on people’s approach to disasters from nuclear energy. Using the language of cartoon and sarcasm, she tries to deliver a series of ironic messages from her images.

JUHEON CHO will present 13 Korean paintings including a 12m long panorama painting as well as propaganda posters from 2015 to 2016.