Residency program 

To apply for our residency you must have completed your qualification (BA or MA in the arts) no more than two years prior to your application. Applications will be processed at the beginning of May for a position in our Summer show (July). This is a chance for us to short-list our artists and collaborate with them on a group show before awarding the residency (January).

How to apply in 2019:

For your application we require, 10-15 images of your work, a CV and artist's statement (Drop Box / We transfer link preferred). Please send your application to:


To Apply for a show

We invite all artsist to apply for three to four week show at The Muse by submitting 10-15 images of your work, a CV and artist's statement ('Drop Box' / 'We transfer' link preferred).

Applications will be processed by our team every three months; please send your work to: If you would like further information on our 'Gallery for hire' scheme, please send your enquiries to the same address and we will send you our brochure imminently.