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AiR 2018 competition

28th May 2017 to 31st May 2017


AiR 2018 Competition


Since 2004 The Muse gallery & studio has supported a residency program offering recently graduated artists subsidized studio space and a gallery to exhibit work and establish both client and industry connections.


This year we invite artists of all disciplines, those who have graduated over the past two years with a BA minimum qualification, to submit work for an AIR initial group show.


The deadline for submissions will be at 9am on 21st June 2017. Selected artists will be informed of the decision on the 20th June, with final confirmation by the 25th June. All Artwork will be subject to review by our panel of esteemed industry professionals, curators and collectors.


For applications we require a: show statement, CV and 10-15 images as Jpegs. All work is to be submitted as a linked folder (Dropbox, Google Drive etc.). Although websites are appreciated, simple URL’s will not be accepted as applications for this year.


Artwork sold from The Muse as a resident, will be sold at a 0% commission. To view previous residents check:




The Muse gallery & studio


The Muse was established by artists, to support emerging contemporaries by combining creative and commercial concepts under one roof.


Subject to a successful application, we also offer exhibition space to more established artists at a nominal commission. With limited slots per year, we look to our panel of affiliated artists and esteemed professionals to elect shows and offer comprehensive appraisals to those proposals still in need of refinement.


Intermittently, we also open our doors to: community arts projects, musicians, film makers and live performers to fill the calendar with events from ‘Sound art’ to ‘Counter-culture’ evenings and associated seminars.


Our residency program (only BA and MA graduates need apply) continues to offer a subsidized platform for candidates, with a group and solo show during their time with us.


We work towards both public and private sector funding for our residents and visiting artists, with professional development working along side our team during shows hosted throughout the year.



From competition to residency...


Selected works will be exhibited from 20th July  to  6th August 2017.Based on the work submitted for the group show, a panel of judges will then award 3 or 4 artists with a residency that will start on 8th January 2018 and finish 29th June 2018.


The residency will begin with a group show starting on 11th January 2018 and conclude with a second group show from 9th- 29th June 2018. Further to the residency program, a chosen resident will be awarded a one-month solo show during our 2018 calendar year.


The residency is open to those from disciplines including: drawing,painting, printmaking, sculpture, installation and photography. (We urge applicants in any 3D media, to assess the practicality of this working environment by visiting the gallery prior to submissions).


The Muse Gallery & Studio will provide: studio space, technical support, curating and mentoring for all exhibitions with further network opportunities available through collaborative shows and access to events and a core group of associated professionals.


Please use this link for applications:


or as an email to us at: info@themuseat269.com