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Hanna Ten Doornkaat - Essentially Grey

17th September 2020 to 04th October 2020

Hanna Ten Doornkaat 

Essentially Grey 

17th September - 4th October


The exhibition explores how our understanding of colour - or in this case the absence of colour - abstracts an idea. Colours change according to light, but what the retina sees is not necessarily what the brain translates into our knowledge of colour. 

Hanna ten Doornkaat’s medium is the graphite pencil. Colour, if used at all, is reduced to monochromes such as grey, black, ghostly white, or the occasional pastel pink, blue, orange or red. The use of non-colours that kindle neither emotions nor desires allows us to focus on the work without distracting from the lines, grids and marks obsessively drawn on board. The intention here is to focus on the line in an attempt to blur the boundaries between drawing, sculpture and installation. 

When colour is used, it is a deliberate choice to tease the viewer’s emotional response. The drawing of tightly packed, layered lines with a graphite pencil is central to the artist’s interest in both the process and the metaphysical expression of an idea. She often explores the interrelationship between movement and mark and its expansion into spatial formations.

Opening Hours 

Thursday-Friday 10am-4pm

Saturday-Sunday 12.00-6.00pm