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No Pants, No Lies by Agnieszka Handzel - Kordaczka

05th April 2018 to 22nd April 2018

The Muse Gallery proudly presents

No Pants, No Lies 

Agnieszka Handzel- Kordaczka

5.04.2018 - 22.04.2018, 

Opening Night 5.04.2018, 6-9.pm 

Agnieszka Handzel remarks that the tools she uses to paint, although sometimes accidental (a rusty nail, shell found on a beach, an old dried up twig), are little more than conduits for the emotions that govern them. 

Her paintings are poetically paradoxical; lyrical but bold,  humorous yet with a definite melancholia lurking beyond the immediate. 

Her figures whisper of a true puppeteer; an omnipresence that, although hidden, is free to speak of more subtle and erotic underlining’s.

The Artist rejects glamour as a meaningless and superficial aesthetic, in place of a visual poetry that speak of everyday life (she loves poetry). She sees the comedy in the mundane and reveres the naked truth, a subject she shares willingly with her audience. In her paintings, we are often confronted with subtle gestures, smiles, or a glance. The Artist uses props in her work; an old bath tub, chair, or a cat.


Sometimes another figure comes into the picture; a man, naked or partly dressed, comically serious.  It isn’t long before you’re lost in your own story.


The Artist’s work, albeit flashes of her fiction, follows a narrative that connects with us all. A connection that, when presented with an invitation to watch the intimate moments of strangers, invariably lead us to our own. To project ourselves onto the dead pan faces of her cast in situations where only our internal monologue could exist. 

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