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22 Years of Portobello Film Festival - exhibition

07th September 2017 to 17th September 2017

The Muse Gallery proudly presents
22 Years of Portobello Film Festival

7.09 - 17.09.2017
Opening Night 7.09.2017, 6.30-9.00pm


22 Years of Portobello Film Festival
Free Entry, Frontline Films, and Street Art 

Created in 1996 as a reaction to the unimaginative state of the British Film Industry and a platform for low budget but original and exciting non mainstream movies, the Portobello Film Festival has continued to fly the flag of independent cinema every year since, with no submission fees for filmmakers or entry costs for the audience.

Shane Meadows, Sarah Gavron, and Guy Ritchie screened early works at Portobello.
The Festival also champions Street Art and has exhibited new works by Blek Le Rat, Inkie, Dotmasters, Lucy Sparrow, Pure Evil, School of Banksy, Ralph Steadman, and Mark Jackson - original posters and programme covers by whom are exhibited here.

Facebook Event: http://bit.ly/2vHXZy0

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