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"40 Months" (Hardcover - A4)

(Photography) Yole Quintero

“40 Months” is a photo book that features a small selection from the hundred of screenshots I have been collecting since I moved to the UK. This is an on-going project that comes together to a first edition book.

These screenshots are re-photographed in frames that I have also been collecting from Charity Shops for more than 2 years. They come accompanied by some conversations and little objects that I brought with me when I moved away. These objects are old ‘totems’ that I have kept as a memory connected with my family.

With this work, I have been exploring the idea of family, memories and digital life. It is my attempt to create a new concept of the ‘family album’ to defeat nostalgia, homesickness and the routine of the digital life. I want to replicate the sense of memory and belonging. I want to keep a register of what I have constructed as an immigrant, a life away from my family, away from my customs.


Matte hardcover casewrap with design printed directly on the cover.
Standard Portrait, 8×10 in, 21×26 cm
50 Pages
Premium Lustre paper

Limited edition of 15. Signed by the artist

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