Visiting Artists

Jonny Tanna

Jonny Tanna is known for his photographic and video disassembling of candid subjects. Tanna takes a multi-disciplinary approach in his ongoing exploration of the lapses in various modes of communication, and the ambiguities of cognitive bias. Tanna’s oeuvre includes video, photography and illustration.

For the past 10 years, Tanna has collaborated with artists, musicians and film maker, profiling their process as well professional and casual interactions, shot in various formats, complimented by a comprehensive understanding of video and it’s recording, which allows for variation in the aesthetic without any necessity for post-processing.

The non-structural content of his work is generally a foray into artistic and societal structures that he finds confining —traditional narrative structure, television “realities,” notions of what is inherently feminine. Narratives and ideas are opened to interpretation rather than spoon-feeding the viewer.