Visiting Artists

Chris Dawes
A few months ago, around mid to late afternoon, I began photographing friends
and acquaintances in the doorway of my flat in the Portobello road. All of the subjects have some kind of connection with this door or the ‘MauMau’ Bar alongside; whether it's: working, living, performing in the immediate vicinity
or simply frequenting the bar. The selection may be limited and arbitrary,
but viewed collectively or individually in detail the faces become a map and mirror our perceptions and emotions. As the photographs move beyond the ‘doorway’ sequence, the portraits shift from the particular to the general.
Faces and figures become more anonymous and the human topography more ambiguous until finally merging with the landscape itself.
After studying History at Cambridge, and Film and Television at the (then) LCP,
I inadvertently, but happily worked for over three decades photographing fashion, advertising, reportage, portraiture, travel and interiors as well as a large amount of personal stuff for fun…

…And it’s still fun.