Visiting Artists

Marcos Domingo Sanchez
A tribute to the photographic negative.
Marcos Domingo Sánchez presents us his most intimate collection of Fine Art Photography, a sublime fusion of his photographic and pictorial art.
Traditionally, in photography, the image was obtained by developing the silver negative image, part of the original film. For the photographer, the most valuable possessions were these negatives of his collections. Today though, with the arrival of digital photography, the negative has lost all its importance and even its mere existence.
With this collection, Marcos has wanted to render honor to the negative, and to traditional photography, by treating the negative image as the real piece of art. He has been working on it since his stay in Paris, from 2007 onwards.
For the collection ‘Human In Negative’, the artist has spent many hours painting the faces and bodies of his models using a variety of paints and textures with skill and creativity knowing how these will result in the final negative. The printing is done on specifically chosen materials in a process and environment controlled personally by the artist.  
Years of experimenting and creating have given him a profound knowledge on how to use and combine a variety of alternative materials and techniques. 
Shadows become lights, lights become shadows. Blue will become yellow and red will become turquoise. The skin of the model, each having a unique tone, influences each time in a different way on the final result.
Even if the final artwork is a photograph, the artist only prints one copy because he considers the result a painting, using the model’s skin as the canvas.


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