Visiting Artists

Nariman Fadakar

Nariman Fadakar is a London-based contemporary artist. Nariman uses a visionary blend of graffiti, fine art and architectural techniques including oils, acrylic paint, airbrush, photography and collage, realised on a variety of canvases.

Nariman's work is characterised by the use of strong colours, with a vibrancy inspired by Iranian family and cultural life. He studied at the Chelsea College of Art and Design and graduated from London Metropolitan University in Design Studies.

Silhouettes One of a series of paintings in acrylic, airbrush and resin, Sima was the first example of Nariman's exploration of reverting a human silhouette, combining floral motifs with techniques used in architectural work. Having completed a series of paintings - including Sima - linked by their use of neon colours, Nariman decided to interpret them on silk, in a collection of scarves.


The Real You Painting £1500

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