Artists in Residence

Josephine Cottrell

Josephine's current work explores perception, the limitations of art and the artist’s control over a viewer’s response. With an eclectic set of inspirations, the work combines elements of modern abstraction, with the romanticism of the early to mid-19th century.

Devoid of a prevailing narrative, the works experiment with how much information needs to exist in a piece, for it to be perceived and accepted as art and questions why a viewer instinctively objectifies and tries to ‘makes sense’ of abstraction - composing naturalistic images from unintended shapes and forms.

Working with traditional print techniques in an experimental and non-traditional way, Josephine produces a large quantity of prints which then go through a selection process, which she considers as instrumental to her practice as the printing itself.  Using traditional Japanese Aesthetics as a guiding principle, subtlety and detail are critical - the smallest of details can mark an image as either too literal, or as an image lacking in content.


The Trouvaille 17 Graphic £105

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