Artists in Residence

Gemma Milligan

The exhibition, ‘Exploring Form’ guides us through an experimental process of physical engagement with materials. Within the realms of this elemental interaction, she hopes to challenge the boundaries of those materials, polymers, aggregates, and composites. 


We are then taken further into that process as the freedom of improvisation begins to challenge a preconception of traditional sculpture. It is this state of wild alchemy and elemental struggle, where her final installations manifest as energy solidified,

forms frozen in turbulent stasis.   


It is through the eyes of the artist that we understand sculpture, not as a final form, but as a process of creation. Hers is an alchemic performance encompassing many creative moments. The broadcast of that journey is captured by her use of transitory materials and presented as a theatrical interpretation, a story from inception to exhibition through the audience and beyond.


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